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In their attempt to “do something”, companies make a CRM implementation “the main event” and usually rush into it.  These actions reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of what CRM is. The myth of instant, one-time CRM indicates a mistaken belief that CRM is primarily or totally a technology problem or merely a project. Technology may in fact be the least of a company’s worries.

Since CRM is a business strategy, and involves process and culture along with technology, CRM (even the technology portion) is ever-evolving.  It is a method of continuous improvement:  As a company refines its selling strategy and processes, as they set new goals, and as the devise tactics to achieve their goals, changes will need to be made to all three phases of CRM (process, culture, and technology).

Making CRM a one-time event simply states that you believe a software program alone can solve all of your customer problems.  Software is a tool, and if not in alignment with your culture and processes, it will undoubtedly be the wrong tool for the job.

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