CRM FocusOur focus is to be the very best at one thing, CRM. It’s all we do, we are specialists.  We have seen many successful CRM implementations, where the key elements of a CRM strategy are in place and in alignment with the culture and process of an organization.

We have all seen many failed CRM implementations, where the key elements of CRM strategy are missed.  However, it is not too late, we can help you to get back on track with Accellerating CRM, our exclusive facilitation methodology that aligns the current CRM culture and process with a clear vision of the future of CRM within an organization.

Because our sole focus is to guide you every step of the way to a successful CRM implementation, we help our customers maximize their usage of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

We understand that CRM is about the future; about how things can be. That’s why we focus on solving business issues related to sales, marketing, and the customer. We recognize the importance of beginning a CRM initiative with a thorough understanding of the current CRM culture, and a clear vision of the future of CRM.

We also believe in change for improvement, not just for the sake of change; therefore, we insist on understanding the full investment impact and the ROI to your organization. In other words, we help to build a case for CRM technology. This case provides the necessary background information to help you define the need, justify the cost and demonstrate the value of the investment.

It all starts with an idea; a plan; a vision. From there a successful CRM strategy can be defined that will aid you as you strive to:

  • Locate and secure new customers.
  • Increase customer retention.
  • Increase references and referrals.
  • Understand your customers and how they affect profitability.
  • Eliminate multiple data sources.
  • Enable your sales and marketing representatives to work more efficiently.
  • For a list of other areas that CRM can help with your CRM business strategy, check out this blog post.

Resolv, Inc. is a certified Infor CRM/SalesLogix partner offering CRM development, CRM support and CRM training to clients throughout Wisconsin and North America. Sage SalesLogix is a Customer Relationship Management solution that drives sales performance in small to medium sized companies through sales, marketing, and customer support automation.

We optimize your CRM!

CRM facilitation Services:

CRM Software Services:

• Merging multiple data sources (excel worksheets, outlook contacts, contact managers)
• Integration of necessary data sources (CRM, Accounting, ERP, Production, Scheduling)
• Visibility to critical data for proactive decision making
• Improving Communication through technology
• Implement Software
• CRM Software Support

What We Don’t Do:

• Accounting Systems
• PC Support
• Networking
• Server Technologies
• Hardware Maintenance
• Wash Windows